Thursday, 11 December 2014

Poetry In Ocean

On 31st November I participated in Poetry In Ocean at Hay Festival Winter Weekend. An event by Eco Poet Susan Richardson and Marine Conservation Society UK

After our briefing in the Green Room, we are taken to our magical location of Hay Castle! The castle is being restored by the Hay Castle Trust

The prestigious Hay Festival lectern awaits!

Susan Richardson begins with one of her first of thirty poems she has been commissioned to write in the Marine Conservation Society's 30 Threatened Species Appeal year - one of many diverse poems she's intricately creating on each threatened marine species.

Peter Richardson continues with a more scientific look at the reasons for the 30 Threatened Species Appeal and further in depth information on each marine species and its reason for inclusion. 

Punctuated by poems from 5 Poetry In Ocean workshop participants. Including poems on short snouted seahorses, angel sharks...

and a firm favourite - bottle nose dolphins! 

Having joined MCSUK at Act 5 Extreme Sailing held at Cardiff Bay earlier this year, I was keen to understand the issues further. Melding the poetic and scientific was an excellent way to do this!

Afterwards we spent a few warm moments by a beautiful log fire burning just outside the event room. Visible through the wooden planked wall, tempting us to stay.

But the sunlight and lunch at the hospitable Blue Boar drew us back outside. 

What a gorgeous day!