Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Launch Night Tomorrow!

photo courtesy of GuardianCardiff

Market Road, Canton, Cardiff, CF5 1QE

Do you have a story to tell about your community? Or a local concern you want to voice? Perhaps you belong to a community group wanting to promote activities and events online, share photos, videos and information?

Welcome to Social Media!

Free websites (often called Social Media) like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and blogs can help you or your group reach a wider audience via the Internet.

Have you heard of Social Media but are unsure how it all works? Or how it can benefit you or your group? Come and see our Social Media Surgeons. We can help you or your community group get started.

Relaxed, informal, free and as non-technical as you need!

Also, if you or your community group are already blogging, tweeting and sharing online but want to gain more confidence. Come along and our Social Media Surgeons can help you to be more effective.

This event is part of Launch Week for local Social Media Surgeries in Cardiff 30 May - 3 June. Initiated by WalesOnline & GuardianCardiff.

Come along if you need help or can offer your skills as a surgeon! Sign up here.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

ME Awareness Week


Destination, dislocated

Left to right

Here to there

Up to down

I was supposed to travel that way

So the fault lines cracked

An empty tin rattles

Over scorched paving


Such a cool breeze

Stopping to feel the day

Drift over

Things I have never seen before

My sister hushed

Talking to doctors

Skies travelling speed of light

Tenderness of homemade soup

Mum’s worn hands

The direction forward

Is lost

My father talks of reincarnation

Gathering spiritual books at

Health fares

I am more concerned at

This life

The contents of

My shopping list

Reminds me








Juliette Llewellyn

It’s ME Awareness Week 8 - 15 May and after attending Poetry and Language / Transeuropa at Chapter last Saturday 5 May I was inspired by the theme of displacement and journeys to write the poem Fault Line.

The definition, given at the evening, of translation being ‘same but different’ struck a chord with me. This is often how you feel, appearing the same as others but the fabric of our daily lives massively changed. Thinking about the journey we make from the ‘ill world’ to the ‘well world’, often difficult for many to do...

Always I have strived to find similarities and connections to others, whether they are well or ill, throughout my own illness and recovery. But there is this difference because of health and however much you want it to go away it just won’t.

Twitter ME Awareness Day May 12th feed

Twitter ME/CFS Feed Awareness Week feed

Twitter ME Awareness Week feed

Hummingbird Site on ME/CFS

‘Read From The Wall If You Wish…'

Italian Translator reading Tsead Bruinja's Bed & grave
Juliette Llewellyn - Blackberry 07.05.11

Haiku - Philip Gross & translations
Juliette Llewellyn - Blackberry 07.05.11

‘Sometimes its just one word that reels you in. It [spoor = railway] was the first word I saw as I stepped on to the platform at Amsterdam’ Philip Gross

‘Poetry is already a language in ‘displacement’ – and now is in ‘displacement‘ through 16 languages’ Professor Alexis Nuselovici

‘Translation - a text being the same and then different’ Professor Alexis Nuselovici

Quotes from Transeuropa Poetry & Language event

I accidentally found myself at Poetry and Language - Transeuropa last Saturday 7 May at Chapter.

Two highly esteemed poets Philip Gross (Wales) and Tsead Bruinja (the Netherlands) made rail journeys between Cardiff and Amsterdam, Amsterdam and Cardiff respectively. Writing poems inspired by the experience. Translators had 1 month to translate the text in to 16 European languages, including Italian, Polish, Frisian and Arabic.

As the poets and translators read their respective work, translations were projected on the wall behind, across 4 screens. Philip Gross’s Spoor in Arabic and Finish and Tsead Bruinja's Bed and grave in Italian and Greek. Both poems in English were extremely profound. Hearing them in 16 other languages words fell away. Becoming reliant on performance, delivery and the essence of each emotion enveloped in body and tones specific to each language.

Live translations lifted words off the page making them accessible to 16 other nationalities in the space of half and hour. Also sparking an interesting conversation with the guy next to me on words being tools to convey thought, ideas, marks on the page. How we often all experience what’s said differently. Yet how finding the right word was like a key, which could open up so much more.

‘my granddad and grandmother lie

neatly together

beside the church they didn’t

believe in

next to their home’

taken from Bed and grave - Tsead Bruinja

‘Right now, we’re sitting here faster

than the speed of sound.

The wonder is that we can talk,

I mean, converse, at all.’

taken from Spoor - Philip Gross

Once home I was inspired by the ‘Displacement' theme to write Fault Line - thinking about internal journeys we make. It is ME Awareness week and travelling from the ‘ill world’ to the ‘well world', can often be a journey that for many is too hard….

Tsead Bruinja