Sunday, 21 February 2010

The Virtual Revolution

I've been really enjoying The Virtual Revolution Series on BBC 2 this month. So here are Stephen Fry's rushes. I like that he says you can do BOTH - interact online and offline, rather than it be one or the other:

'Stephen Fry is a writer, comedian, actor and technology enthusiast - and a man very much online. Aleks Krotoski and the Digital Revolution team met and interviewed Stephen to discuss the web, the changes it has brought to the world, its benefits and its possible dangers.' BBC The Virtual Revolution

Friday, 19 February 2010


‘What’s a CardiffGirlGeek?’ asked a bemused friend of mine when I said I attended the first CardiffGirlGeekDinners event on Thursday 6th Feb 2010.

Silver and pink balloons lift the atmosphere in a cornered section of Terra Nova Bar, Cardiff Bay. I am amongst the first few to arrive and am greeted warmly by the one of the hosts Chyrelle Rayman-Bacchus. 

Having just completed a Creative Web Design Foundation (via Ffotogallery / Cardiff University) I’m keen to meet others in the field. CardiffGirlGeekDinners stems from the original GirlGeekDinners set up in London by Sarah Blower. She found that working in IT could be an isolating experience for women. 

Certainly, I remember back to ’96 and being the first school year to take a computer O’level. Having vivid memories of the computer ‘geeks’ being a huddle of dungeon and dragon guys now taking up residence in the computer lab.* Fortunately 24 years later and the launch of CardiffGirlGeek bears no resemblance to my earlier memory.  

Having interesting conversations with sociable women from a variety of backgrounds. From providing maths software to schools to being a ‘geek on the side” and part of Cardiff tweetups, to co-running a web design business to a company upgrading hardware for the NHS and a blogging radio journalist student

So, if happily talking about the intricacies of blogging, subtleties of twitter and the art of web design are geeky then it seems that I am officially a CardiffGirlGeek! Cardiff has officially joined the now worldwide GirlGeekDinner phenomenon throughout UK Canada, USA and Europe!

* For the record, I have only ever since ’96 met interesting guys in IT

Thursday, 11 February 2010


Sharing published poetry

Meet new people

Savour the spoken word
Stimulating discussion

Relaxed environment

All welcome - novice to expert!

Bring a listening ear, a poem or lyrics

5.45pm - 6.45pm Thursday 17th November

Meeting Room 4 on Level 4 @ Cardiff Central Library Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or email

Friday, 5 February 2010

Told by the Wind - a response

Juliette Llewellyn - Sony Cybershot 31.01.10
Being new to the principles of Japanese Noh Theatre and Theatre of Quietude I was a little unsure of what exactly I had witnessed. But I was left with a strong sense of space and impression.
Wet dew on feet. Are you present? Skeleton of leaf. Earth centre rugged yet domesticated. Autumn. Stark side lighting. Nature tearing at edge of order and restrain. Imprint understanding, routine over chaos. Capturing a thought. Movement.
We all inhabit our own worlds. Do we ever meet? Space between the words. Space between lives. Space we inhabit with precision of movement. Gesture intricately performed.  A dancers body is a pleasure to absorb.
A bird calling, a bell tolls. Water dropping. Stillness we all need for moments to surface. 
I felt a distinct calm wash through me during Told by the Wind.  Lightness. Feeling more conscious of the stillness present in life but which we so rarely feel.
This is the first time I had heard Kaite O Reilly’s work and I was struck by her poetics's of writing and detailed quality of image.  I also enjoyed the considered performances of Jo Shapland and Phillip Zarrilli. Forming the Llanarth Group.
PS. Chapter’s newly refurbished foyer was a pleasure to gather in beforehand!
Juliette Llewellyn 30.01.10