Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Bespoken Word

on Radio 4 11pm this Thursday 26th Nov.

I was in the audience for this recording at Cardiff University of Radio 4's performance poetry show. You may hear my laughter somewhere!!

It was followed by an inspiring Performance Poetry Workshop by Mr Gee, Bespoken Word presenter:

'When the moment comes the moment will be there' were his wise words about staying pure to your thoughts when writing...

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Ty Newydd

Juliette Llewellyn 26-31.09 - Sony Cybershot

Writing for Performance - Ty Newydd

Just had an amazing week at Ty Newydd on the Writing for Performance Course with Kaite O'Reilly with many thanks to a DAW Bursary. Our creative energies were positively stretched to the maximum in beautiful and nurturing surroundings!

Kaite and the other tutors and speakers: Jenny Sealey - Graeae TheatrePhillip ZarrilliJohn McGrath - National Theatre of Wales were extremely inspiring. As were every one of the other participants, whom i thoroughly enjoyed meeting, writing, devising and performing with. 

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Black Shoes - Michael Obiora

My sporadic novel reading resurged after finding Black Shoes at an author signing by Michael Obiora at Borders.

An intricately detailed novel which i read over two days!

I was intrigued and enlightened entering the psyche of a young successful black guy. The author skilfully portrays Daniel's complexity, pulling and pushing the reader’s feelings towards his protagonist in diverse directions. Allowing us to see honestly in to all aspects of his life.

It was an emotional journey reminding me persecution of any kind takes a toll on our human form. Finding balance again is a delicate, yet necessary, process.

Although Daniels life is on a more even keel at the end of the book. I’m left with many questions on Paula, Daniel, Safia, possibilities of racial harmony, intercultural trust, fragility of human relationships; black or white...

Deep, unsettling emotions stirred reading Black Shoes. A compelling read!