Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Winged Migration

Crammed in small space
Hushed quiet
Screen flickers white
And cracked black

The cinema had become a lifeline. A way for me to participate in the world again, when pubs and clubs had become impossible. Its soft seats and low key energy was perfect.

Winged Migration. Birds soaring high in the sky. More of a documentary than a film. Myriads of sleek winged creatures flying across our world in their instinctual patterns.

We sat transfixed, traveling together. Camera close to their bodies. Clouded sky. Hearts pulsating in tiny forms. Energy of wings in flight.

It took me out of daily existence. Expansiveness of birds flight felt. Five years to complete the film. The notes read, using a variety of contraption tracking the birds; balloons small silent aircraft's, gliders. This French director had a passion for nature, true nature.

Seeing our world from above, that night we are freed from the crazy detail of our lives. I have been traveling too, the seed for the future is planted.

Juliette Llewellyn 17.06.08

I was reading an article in Spirit & Destiny April 09 magazine about Cinema Therapy which resonated with the above piece I had written last year on the film Winged Migration in Chapter Arts.

The basis of Cinema Therapy is that 'a film that really moves you can work wonders for your health and well being.' Spirit & Destiny 04.09

'Films are our stories, and stories have been used therapeutically since primitive humans first began to spin tales around campfires.' Reel Therapy: How movies inspire you to overcome life's problems.
Dr Gary Solomon PhD.

Friday, 6 March 2009

Time heals what reason cannot.